Dragon Ball Super Update-register now!

Dragon Ball Super Update-register now!

Don’t forget to register!
DRAFT BOX 05 Tournament registration window has just opened!
■DRAFT BOX 05 Tournament
■tournament period : Apr.1st-30th
■registration period : Sep 2nd-Nov.10th
Click here for more information: https://global.carddass.com/coclub/europe-en/

Extended registration window:
DBSCG Series 8 Pre-Release event
■Series 8 Pre-Release
■tournament period : Nov.22-28th
■3rd registration deadline closing soon :Oct.20th
If you haven’t registered yet, now’s the last chance!
We have also added an exclusive play mat (Series 8 design) to the 1st place prize to this event!
Click here for more Information


DBSCG Series 8 December event
2nd registration window is open!
If you’ve missed registering, now’s the chance!
■Series 8 December store tournament
■tournament period : Dec.1-31st
■2rd registration deadline :Oct.31st

Set 09/10 Sealed Tournament
You may now sanction the Limited Event: Expansion Set 09/10 Sealed Tournament (17th January – 6th of February 2020).

The Budokai Card Club
If you are experiencing any problems in regards to the Carddass club, please contact Bandai here. https://global.carddass.com/coclub/europe-en/m_shops/mailauth/

If you have not yet registered to become a member of the Budokai Card Club, please do so by clicking here.

TCG Meister
TCG Meister is tournament management software. It’s free to download and use.
To learn how to use TCG Meister, click here. https://global.carddass.com/coclub/image/t_infos/tcgm_qr_20180427.pdf

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