pokemon_Tcg_Charizard_Gx premium collection

pokemon_Tcg_Charizard_Gx premium collection

A new Premium Collection featuring Charizard-GX_Premium Collection

CHARIZARD-GX SPREADS ITS MIGHTY WINGS!Charizard-GX commands the battlefield with fiery attacks! With its swift wings and flaming breath, this powerful Pokémon can unleash a Crimson Storm from above. Get this Premium Collection today—because Charizard-GX always makes a big impression!


  • 1 full-art foil promo card featuring Charizard-GX
  • 1 foil promo card featuring Charmeleon
  • 1 foil promo card featuring Charmander
  • 1 Charizard collector’s pin
  • 6 Pokémon TCG booster packs to expand your collection
  • 1 full-art foil oversize Charizard-GX card
  • A cool new Charizard coin
  • A code card for the Pokémon Trading Card Game Online

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